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economic madurese

Overall, Madura, including one of the rural poor in East Java province, Unlike Java, Madura land less fertile enough to be a place of agriculture. Others are limited economic opportunities has resulted in unemployment and poverty. These factors have resulted in long-term emigration from Madura so many people today do not live in Madura Madura. Madurese population, including participants of the transmigration program ever.

Subsistence agriculture (small scale for survival) is the main economic activity. Maize and cassava are the main cultivation crops in subsistence farming in Madura, scattered in many small land. Cattle are also an important part of agricultural economy in this island, and provide additional income for farm families is important for activities other than cattle karapan. Small-scale fisheries are also important in the subsistence economy there.

Plants most commercial cultivation in Madura is tobacco. Land on the island of Madura is helping make important producer of tobacco and cloves for the domestic cigarette industry. Since the history of Indonesia (1800-1940) Dutch colonial era, Madura has also been a major producer and exporter of Sodium chloride (salt).

Bangkalan | Bangkalan which is located at the western end of Madura has undergone industrialization since the 1980s. This area is easily accessible from Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city, and thus plays a suburb for commuters to Surabaya, and as an industrial location and the services needed, close to Surabaya. Suramadu bridge that has been operating since June 10, 2009, is expected to increase interactions with regional economic Bangkalan area.

madurese tribe

Is the ethnic Madurese people with large populations in Indonesia, amounting to approximately 6.8 million inhabitants. They come from the island of Madura and surrounding islands, such as Gili Raja, Sapudi, Raas, and Kangean. In addition, people living in the eastern part of Madura, East Java, Pasuruan to the north of Banyuwangi. Madurese in Situbondo and Bondowoso, and east of Probolinggo number at most and rarely can speak Javanese.

In addition to Javanese and Sundanese, Madurese and many also transmigrate into other areas, especially to West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan Province. Several cities in Kalimantan like Sampit and Sambas, ever riots involving ethnic Madurese. Madurese people are basically people who like to wander because of its territory that are not good for farming. Madurese happy to trade, especially scrap metal and other secondhand goods. In addition, many who work to fishermen and laborers.

Madurese style of speech that is known for outspoken and temperamental nature and easily offended, but they are also known frugal, disciplined, and diligent work. For the pilgrimage, despite poor Madurese definitely set aside some income to savings pilgrimage. Also known Madurese have a strong Islamic tradition, although sometimes perform rituals or Rokat Sea Pethik Tasse (equal to float an offering).

Self-esteem, as well as the most important in the life of the Madurese, they have a good proverb lebbi tollang pote, pote atembang eye. That is, better off dead (white bone) rather than shame (white eye). Traits such as these gave birth to the tradition of community carok on Madura.

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Sate Madura is typical sate Madura. Sate Madura usually made from chicken. Known as the island of Madura, in addition to salt, is also popular with satenya. Sate madurese already famous all over the archipelago, Sate Madura can be found in almost all regions, especially in big cities such as Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. It is said that the scarcely sate Madura own. But in addition to chicken satay as well as the main ingredients there that use goat which is marked by hanging the goat's hind legs in rombong the satay seller. Marinade is a mixture of finely ground nuts and a little onion paste. Roast it with fire of coconut shells that are burned first, called coconut shell charcoal. It was tasty but dipantangkan to those people with high cholesterol and acute gout.
edit Background

Sate Madura are generally fed chicken satay peanut sauce sambal form. But in Madura itself is sometimes used but not peanut sauce or chili sauce hazelnut. Also often skewers of charcoal burning is often sprinkled with lemon juice.

To reap more profits, traders often satay seasoning mix with rice, dry beans have been mashed. This dry rice, in the language of Bali called senggauk, leftover rice which is dried in the hot sun. In some areas of Java, such as the north coast, along the coast (north coast) covering the area of Indramayu, Bradford, that kind of rice called parched rice. Commonly eaten by poor people who can not afford to buy even the cheapest rice.


Madurese language
Madhura, Basa Mathura
Spoken on the island of Madura, Sapudi Island, north shore east of Java, Singapore
Number of speakers 14 million (1995)
Austronesian languages

Madura language is the language Madurese. Madurese language speakers has approximately 15 million people, and concentrated in Madura Island, East End of Java or the area known as the horseshoe area stretching from Pasuruan, Surabaya, Malang, to Banyuwangi, Kangean Islands, Islands Masalembo, until the island of Borneo.
On the island of Kalimantan, Madura community centered in the region of Sambas, Pontianak, Bengkayang and Ketapang, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, while they concentrate in areas of East Kotawaringin, Palangkaraya and Kapuas. But most young people in the region of Madura had lost the mastery of their mother language.
However, due to unrest among the people in Kalimantan (Sambas and Sampit), a party of the people displaced Madurese return to ancestral land, and they still hope to be able to return despite the Dayak people of Kalimantan bertegas especially not to accept them back.
Madurese language is a subsidiary branch of the Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian branch, so that has similarities with other regional languages in Indonesia.
Madurese language heavily influenced by the Javanese, Malays, Bugis, Tionghoa and others. Javanese influence is felt in the form of a hierarchy system of language as a result of the occupation in Mataram on the island of Madura. There are also many words in this language which is rooted in Indonesian or even with the Minangkabau Malays, but certainly with a different pronunciation.

* Bhila (read: bhileh e schwa) is equal to if = whenever
* Oreng = person
* Tadha '= no (almost the same as in the word tadak Melayu Pontianak)
* Dhimma (read: dimmah) = where? (Almost similar to DIMA in Minangkabau)
* = Same as the questions asked
* Cakalan = cob (almost similar to Bugis words: tuna, but not nasal)
* Onggu = really, really (really the word)
* Kamma (read: kammah similar to the word kama in Minangkabau) = where?

Pronunciation system
Madurese language has a unique pronunciation system. So unique that people outside the Madurese who try mempelajarinyapun experiencing difficulties, particularly in terms of pronunciation earlier.
Madurese language pronunciation has snapped and is pressed mainly on the letters b, d, j, g, JH, dh and bh or the consonant cluster such as hh, dd and bb. However, this emphasis often occurs in the middle syllable.
While for the vocal tract, known Madurese language other than a letter a schwa strong. Other vowel system in the language of Madura is i, u, e and o.

Language levels
Madurese language as languages of Java and Bali are also familiar with the language level, but only divided into three levels namely:

* Ja '- yes (same as ngoko)
* Engghi-Enthen (together with Madya)
* Engghi-Bunthen (same as the Krama)


* Berempa 'arghena paona? : Mangganya at what price? (Ja'-yes)
* Saponapa argheneppon paona? : Mangganya at what price? (Engghi-Bunthen)

Madurese language dialects
Madurese language dialects also have spread throughout the region. On the island of Madura in galibnya there are several dialects such as:

* Dialect Bangkalan
* Dialect Sampang
* Dialect Pamekasan
* Dialect Sumenep, and
* Dialect Kangean

Dialect which was used as reference standards Sumenep Madurese language is a dialect, because Sumenep in the past is the cultural center of the kingdom and Madura. While the other is a dialect of rural dialects which gradually blended along with the mobilization that occurred among people in Madura. For Java, these dialects are often mixed with the Java language so that they often prefer to be called as Pendalungan than as Madura. Communities on the island of Java, including Situbondo area, Bondowoso, Probolinggo and generally controlled the eastern part of Java language in addition to Madura.
The example in the case of pronoun you:

* Be'en words commonly used in Madura. But the word is used in Sumenep be'na.
* While the word for you kakeh Bangkalan commonly used in eastern and Sampang.
* Heddeh and Seddeh Bangkalan used in rural areas.

Specific Dialects Kangean, this dialect is a splinter from Madura, who because of different language to language is often considered not part of Madura, Madurese community in particular by the mainland.

* Akoh: I (sengko 'in the language of Madura mainland)
* Kaoh: ye (be'en or be'na in Madura mainland)
* Berra ': west (berre' with e schwa in the language of Madura mainland)
* MorrAh: cheap (in the language of Madura modhe mainland)

Language Bawean suspected as kreolisasi Madurese language, because the words are essentially derived from this language, but mixed in with the words British and the Malays and Javanese Bawean because many people who work or migrate to Malaysia and Singapore, the language has dialect Bawean language of each region or village usually have their own languages and dialects such as language dialect Bawean Leaves, Kumalasa Dialect, Dialect Dialect Diponggo Pudakit as well. This language is spoken on the island of Bawean, Gresik, Malaysia, and Singapore. In the last two places known as Boyanese Bawean language. Intonation Bawean people easily recognizable among the speakers of Madura. Differences in the two languages can be likened to the difference between Indonesian and Malaysian language, the similar but even though each can understand his point. Examples:

* Ezion or ehon = I (sengkok / engkok in the language of Madura)
* Kalaaken = fetch (kalaagghi in the language of Madura)
* Trimakasih = thank you (salengkong / sakalangkong / kalangkong in Bahasa
* Brothers = front (brothers meaning in the language of Madura

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madurese island history

Politically, Madura over the centuries has become subordinate to regional authority based in Java. Around the year 900-1500, the island is under the influence of the east Javanese Hindu kingdom of power like Kediri Kediri, Singhasari, and Majapahit. In between the years 1500 and 1624, the rulers of Madura to some extent dependent on the Islamic kingdoms in the north coast of Java, such as Sultanate of Demak, Gresik, and Surabaya. In the year 1624, conquered by the Sultanate of Mataram Madura. After that, in the first half of the eighteenth century Madura under Dutch colonial rule (from 1882), first by the VOC, then by the Dutch East Indies government. At the time of the division of the province in the 1920s, became part of Madura, East Java province.

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madura bull race

Madura Island known for bull racing. bull racing that took place between August and October every year.
Racing the use of two cows which united or tied to a wooden handle that only about 100 meters. karapan cow was also wearing a jockey for control of cattle and encourages her to be able to run at maximum speed. Generally jockey karapan cow is a child, a jockey is tying his feet on the wooden handle that is used to unite so that they are not thrown off a cow when the cow is running fast, the jockey also brought cows pacemaker made from wooden sticks a nail tip. he put the nail in the wood so that the tip of a cow in pain and can run very fast. But before I get such bad treatment karapan cows treated even exceed the acceptable limit, the owners of these cows can cost tens or even hundreds of millions to take care of the cow. if the cows are getting the champion beef prices will rise high!